You COULD do it: Job Tips for 2021

by Andrew Gurman & Michael Lord

COMPILE CONFLICT INFORMATION—Many firms ask for a list of clients/representations so collect it before a firm requests it and update, as needed.

ORDER LAW SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT (and college transcripts for patent lawyers)—University registrars are moving slowly because of COVID. Order it now. After all, nothing on it is going to change!

UPDATE RESUME—Be sure to convey your experience in a clear, concise manner. Have a trusted advisor read it and give you feedback. Consider hiring a resume writer for help. For more tips on resume writing, see the following articles: Ten Suggestions to Improve Your Resume and Resumes - Not so Fast, Please.

LOCATE A WRITING SAMPLE(S)— Writing samples can make or break a candidacy. Select a sample(s) that will show your writing prowess and sound legal reasoning, and which is representative of your work (at least 90%). Make redactions unless the sample is a publicly filed document, which is preferred. For transactional lawyers, prepare a deal sheet.

DECIDE ON REFERENCES—Pick a reference(s) who can persuasively speak about your abilities. Call them before identifying them to any potential employer and provide them with context about your search. Tip: if possible choose a partner who supervised your work and who has left your current employer. Confidentiality concerns are thereby eliminated.