Introducing Yourself

by Michael Lord

I often get calls that start like this:

“I’m a litigator. I was wondering if you have any jobs for me”.

Or, this:

“I heard about a corporate job through your search firm and was wondering the name of the company?”

Both are really poor ways to begin a relationship with me or any potential employer.  Here’s a better way: First, when you start a call, state your first and last name followed by the type of attorney you are and where you are employed: “Good morning, I’m Chris Johnson. I am a litigation associate at Harris, Michaels, and Scott.” Then, say why you are calling: “I heard that you are searching for a litigation associate and thought I might be a good fit because ... ” Or, even better: “Justine Baker suggested that I call because she successfully worked with you previously”. If I don’t know your name, it’s hard to start giving you information or forming an opinion about your candidacy. Moreover, never ask for the name of the company or law firm right away. Recruiters will react negatively. Sell yourself first. The name will come later.

In sum, make your initial introduction a positive one. The old adage that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is right on the mark.