Offer Response Time - Candidate FAQ

by Jon Lewis

This article addresses some frequently asked questions from candidates relating to how much time they can/should take before responding to an offer.

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Seven Wishes for the LinkedIn Community in the New Decade

by Bruce K. Segall

As 2020 is upon us, we all might reflect on our use of LinkedIn. Are you like me and well into your second decade as an active user? Or are you part of the larger group who has largely stayed on the sidelines? Regardless of your past stance, what would cause you to rededicate some of your precious time to LinkedIn in 2020? For most of us, a focus on LinkedIn’s original mission would help. The words of LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman in 2009 still ring true: “We’re always about individual professionals doing business with their network.”

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A Legal Employer’s Guide to Avoiding the Loss of Good Candidates

by Jon Lewis

Ask legal recruiting coordinators at law firms to name the most frustrating part of their jobs and there’s a good chance you won’t have to wait long before hearing something like “I hate it when we finally find the candidate we want only to have that candidate pull out or reject our offer.”  Withdrawals and turn-downs can be a double whammy—not only has the employer failed to reel in a preferred candidate after what is frequently a lengthy vetting/interviewing process, but often they are also back to square one in trying to fill the need that occasioned the search in the first place.  However, notwithstanding the costs in terms of time, effort, and aggravation, a significant number of employers repeatedly make the same kind of mistakes which unnecessarily heighten the risk of losing good candidates.

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25 Ways to Help Your Network (and Build Relationships)

by Betsy Munnell

Any rainmaker will tell you: Business development is all about people. And growing authentic, lifelong relationships is all about giving and helping, freely and for free—without expectation of a return on your efforts. The ideal way to build and deepen your rapport with your clients, prospects, colleagues, referral sources and other important contacts is to learn as much as you can about each person and identify what he or she needs to be successful and fulfilled. Once you’ve done that, things get very simple. You just need to help meet those needs.

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An Interview Approach that GOES a Long Way

by Andrew Gurman

Lateral interview performance depends on various factors, including a candidate’s experience, nonverbal communication, interpersonal skills, and verbal presentation. As for the substance of what a candidate says during an interview, focusing on a few key points can help guide responses to interviewers’ questions. Keep in mind the acronym “GOES” when interviewing.

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Legal Hiring—The Need for Speed

by Jon Lewis

As a veteran legal recruiter I have on occasion been asked by law firms and in-house legal departments how they can more frequently and efficiently succeed in getting the kind of strong candidates they want. In response, one important piece of advice I often give is simply “move faster”. Once they have identified a candidate they like, many employers would be well served by completing the interview process and extending an offer more promptly than they sometimes manage to do.

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Introducing Yourself

by Michael Lord

Make your initial introduction a positive one. The old adage that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is right on the mark.

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What Determines “Market Rate” Salary For Candidates?

by Jon Lewis

One question that candidates often ask legal recruiters is “What is the going market rate in terms of salary for someone with my experience?” The question is certainly a reasonable one, but the answer, and the forces driving that answer, aren’t necessarily what all candidates expect to hear.

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Wanna Be a General Counsel?

by Michael Lord

Anne-Marie Segal outlines the eight core qualities of General Counsel, a must-read for those aiming for a GC position. Also, Andrew Gurman will be a panelist the the NYC Bar discussing how to make the most our of your online job search on September 27, 2017.

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Resumes - Not so Fast, Please

by Jon Lewis

A while ago I worked on an in-house search for a technology company. The client was seeking candidates with experience in several specific areas, including M&A, software as a service agreements, and cybersecurity. Not surprisingly, given that this was an in-house search, the response from potential candidates was enthusiastic—I sourced a good number of highly qualified candidates who, in many cases, e-mailed me their resumes within minutes of my telling them about the position and sending them a detailed description.

That’s great, right? After all, what more could a recruiter ask for than a near instantaneous resume submission from a candidate? Well, yes and no ...

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